Corporate Style Guide Design

Do you have the feeling that your communications do not maintain the coherence of your brand?

For any company, a corporate style guide documenting the correct use of your logo and identity pieces is essential to ensure that the brand will be well received by your audience.

A guide contains the necessary solutions: logo for use in digital and printed media, image and complementary color, corporate and website typefaces, photography styles, and graphics to serve as a reference for developers of future marketing materials, as well as others factors.

A corporate style guide will be used to ensure that both internal departments and external partners are on the same page about the consistency and integrity of your brand, which will increase the chances of loyalty and retention of your potential customers.

Corporate Style Guide Design

How a Style Guide will keep your brand on the same page

Corporate Style Guide Development

The brand style guide is a key component in corporate identity and, in essence, it will be your brand’s bible.

However, for many companies, it is often an afterthought. Only after the logo and the main characteristics of the brand are designed, do the first needs of the client appear on how to apply the new visual identity to the website, collateral templates and signage.

And even having a corporate style guide, it often lacks the kind of details and content that will make it useful for more than a brief period. At Artistica Studios we will create your corporate style guide design in a meticulous and expandable way to be ready for the future.

Our work in the design of Corporate Style Guides

Take a look at our creative portfolio to see how we help enhance our clients’ image with professional design.

How we develop your brand's corporate style guide

Let’s face it: developing the brand’s style guide isn’t the sexy or fun part of the project.

Often it is delivered as a high-quality printed document and sometimes as a PDF file with limited details. We understand that searching a large document to precisely understand how to use the logo, fonts and images can be frustrating.

This is where our wisdom comes in to create a useful and intuitive style guide for your brand. Even the term “style guide” is sometimes misleading to us, so we delve into its scope from the beginning.

Corporate Style Guide Creation

While it is important to include details about the specific use of your brand’s graphic elements, such as how much white space is needed to fill a logo or how the logo should look based on the background color, this should be only a part of what the guide includes.

At Artistica Studios we make sure that your corporate style guide design is complete and with concise instructions, because the aim of the guide is to establish consistency in the way the brand is represented regardless of platform, medium or place.

Style Guide Design

Your corporate style guide will be used by a wide variety of people, from employees to partners and the media.

And this doesn’t mean you need to cover all the random or infrequent scenarios, but the more details you have in mind, the better you speak for your company.

When we design your corporate style guide, we also do not neglect basic brand building guidelines, such as what the tone and voice of the organization should be in different contexts, or how employees should use brand images on social media.

At Artistica Studios we provide you with enough detail to make anyone reading your style guide cover to cover feel like an expert on all aspects of branding.

Do you need to create a corporate style guide design to unify your brand identity?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Recommendations on maintaining your brand

With the prevalence of the Internet, brands are experiencing a rate of evolution faster than ever. This is why it will be necessary for you to update your style guide on a regular basis.

This means that it is important to do a regular review of the guide to keep it up to date. It should make it easy to find, share, and update.

Many corporate style guide look great in a printed and bound volume, but these are difficult to use, difficult to distribute, and really difficult to keep up to date.

And if maintaining this resource requires time and money to update, managers will be reluctant to refresh the guide until evolution is absolutely necessary.

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